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On July 4th, 2009, CatGenie declared the CatGenie 120.
Now cats can be more independent than ever. And cat
lovers can stop littering.

Comparison: The litter used by 2 cats in one year, VS the 6 to 7 Cartridges for 2 cats using the CatGenie 120.

CatGenie 120 has Cat Activation.
So your cats can flush and wash their own toilet.
Tens of thousands of current CatGenie owners suggested it. Now, you can either push a button, set the timer, or have your cats start the CatGenie cleaning process. Cat Activation is the cleanest and most efficient method.

CatGenie 120 is the greenest cat box ever. And, quite possibly, the most economical.
The new 120 SaniSolution Cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable (unlike cat litter, which is neither). The Cartridge holds 120 washes and, when set on Cat Activation, it provides 240 washes. One Cartridge uses less plastic than the lid of one plastic litter jug.

In one year, two CatGenie cats would use 6 to 7 cleaning Cartridges.
In the same time, two cats using a regular litter box or a self-scooper would use and contaminate about 360 lbs (or 12 plastics containers) of cat litter. See Compare & Save.

120 times more efficient.
Once again, the CatGenie 120 has the benefit of the many suggestions from current users. It incorporates all the best upgrades of the original CatGenie. Its redesigned insides include new, smarter software, more efficient motors, more refined parts, and much, much more. The result is a more efficient and smoother running CatGenie.

"I thought my first CatGenie
was perfect. Then I was asked
to test the CatGenie 120.
My 2 cats have been using it
since Jan. 09. I was blown
away. Love the 'cativation'.
It's ALWAYS clean. I like that
it sleeps for 10 hrs and is
available to clean for 14."
Karen C., Mt Kisco, NY.

"I've had my CatGenie since
2006. I've no complains. I was
given the 120 to try. Using
it for 6 months. Cat-start makes
a big difference. My favorite
is the 120 Cartridge. Running
CatGenie now costs much
less than litter. This really
is the death of the litter box."
Ed R., Philadelphia, PA

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