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Where does your cat litter come from?
  • Like coal, litter is strip-mined
  • Litter is processed, packaged, and trucked
  • Transport is highest expense
Where does litter end up?
  • It's contaminated with cat waste
  • Dumped into plastic bags
  • 8 Billion lbs of litter end up in landfills every year
  • Litter doesn't biodegrade

Where should waste go?
  • Waste from home drains and toilets goes to treatment plants for proper decontamination
Is cat litter safe?
  • From Mayo Clinic: Handling pet waste can be hazardous to your health. You can become infected by scooping a cat's litter box
  • One ounce of cat urine makes a 85g clump
Stop littering. CatGenie is Greener and Cleaner.
Now we examine the control of waste via the CatGenie
Do Granules get changed?
  • Permanent Granules never need changing, never form clumps, and don't make waste
  • Replenish as needed. Some stick to solids or get scattered

Are the Granules safe?
  • Made from special recycled plastics
  • Granules are 100% safe
  • Granules biodegrade in landfills within two years and in septic systems within 9 months

Any health issues?
  • Granules thoroughly decontaminated
  • Washes germs and waste away
"I was so scared that I almost
didn't buy the CatGenie.

It was fear of plumbing.
It took less than 10 minutes to
turn an 'I' into a 'T'. Easier
than setting up my computer."
Marie C., Philadelphia, PA

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