CatGenie - The World's Only Self-Flushing, Self Washing Cat Box
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See if CatGenie is right for you, your cats and your home.

Size Requirements:
• CatGenie is 53.3 cm high including SaniSolution Cartridge*
• The cat area (Bowl) is 48.3 cm across
• The back of CatGenie narrows to 40.6 cm across
• CatGenie is 61 cm from front to back, including hoses
• CatGenie has the same footprint as most large litter boxes.

CatGenie needs a
• hook up to cold water
• toilet or laundry drain
  pipe to accept waste
• 230 volt ac electrical outlet

CatGenie has a
• 3 m long Drain Hose
• 2.5 m long Water Hose

Cat & Kitten
One CatGenie works best
with 2 to 3 cats of average size.
Best for kittens 6 months and older.
"I was so scared that I almost
didn't buy the CatGenie.

It was fear of plumbing.
It took less than 10 minutes to
turn an 'I' into a 'T'. Easier
than setting up my computer."
Marie C., Philadelphia, PA

Calls to 0844 numbers are max 3.92p per min (Inc VAT) from a BT landline (May 09)