CatGenie - The World's Only Self-Flushing, Self Washing Cat Box
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Spend just a few minutes to set up your CatGenie
then enjoy litter box freedom for the rest of your life.
CatGenie in a laundry room requires an easy, one time Do-It-Yourself connection to fresh, COLD water intake, a drain and an electric outlet. See the Simple Set Up Guide for complete details.
1) Turn valve to shut off COLD water. (30 secs)

2) Unscrew the water-line hose under the valve. (1 minute)

3) Attach that hose to the provided ¾ inch T-Adapter then attach the T, to the water line. (2 minutes)
  4) Screw the CatGenie hose to the T-Adapter. Turn cold water back on. (2 minutes)

5) Hook the drainage hose into the washing machine drain pipe. Won’t interfere with washer. (30 secs)

6) Plug into an electrical outlet. (30 secs) Program your CatGenie to run from one to four times a day, or simply push a button to start washing.
Calls to 0844 numbers are max 3.92p per min (Inc VAT) from a BT landline (May 09)