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Why change from a litter box to the CatGenie?

In the 21st century, it's the only civilized alternative.

Could you imagine life without your dishwasher, washer/dryer, or indoor plumbing? Yet, if you’re like the average cat lover, you spend at least 30 hours a year on litter box chores, from touching, breathing, buying, carrying (in and out) and dealing with that unhealthy litter mess. Why? When now there’s a solution as simple and familiar as any of the appliances that you now can’t live without.

Touch litter or touch a button.

What are the health, work, and cost differences? Do you know how much you spend on litter?

Typical monthly spend for your existing litter box is between £10-£15 per cat! CatGenie costs less than £8 per month per cat to run and is far more hygenic and easier to use than a conventional litter tray. Email us quoting your existing brand of litter and we will send you a price comparison. If you don't believe CatGenie will save you money and time just send it back to us within 90 days for a full refund. We can't be fairer in our promises!

Cat Box SolutionBreakdownYEARLY COST*
Traditional Box
  • Open sewer of odours
  • Needs daily maintenance
  • May need several litter boxes
  • Health issues: germs, dust
  • 30 hours of work per year
Typical Litters:
Clay (Clumping)£120
Clay (Non Clumping)£132
Quartz/Chalk eg Catsan£156



CatGenie Self-Washer
  • Replace cartridge,
    push button
  • Dust, germ, odour,
    hassle free
  • One hour of work
    per year

Compare Litter:
A heavy 5 lt bag of Sophisticat Clumping Gold cat litter lasts 25 days for one cat costing £4.99

Compare Catgenie:
One SaniSolution Cartridge lasts 120 days for one cat and is available from £18.33. This equates to a cost over the same 25 day period of only £3.82

CatGenie is the same footprint as most conventional litter boxes. It is higher than a conventional litter box without a dome but will fit below a kitchen sink. Call us for further details or look at our Facebook page.

Running Costs:
Most domestic appliances such as dishwashers have ongoing running costs. These vary between £25 to £125 per year on powder, salt & rinse-aid & £65 per year on electricity. CatGenie has an annual supply cost of less than £90 per year and only 0.4Kwh per cycle or £15 per year on electricity.

*Yearly costs based on one cat and manufacturers quoted data

Calls to 0844 numbers are max 3.92p per min (Inc VAT) from a BT landline (May 09)