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What's the cost and where do I buy the Washable Granules and SaniSolution?

Right here on the CatGenie web site. We have special prices for large quantity orders. The SaniSolution Cartridge is the size of a videocassette. Depending on quantity purchased, a cartridge costs as little as £18.32. One cartridge lasts 4 months for one cat (just £4.58 a month); 2 months for two cats, 6 weeks for three cats. The Washable Granules come in a cereal box size package. They never need changing just replenishment. Cost from £16.65 per box. A year’s supply of everything you need for one cat takes up less space than ONE 20 litre bag of litter and costs about £7.50 per month. Order Supplies from our webshop or call 0844 736 2790. All orders over £60 delivered free.

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"Buying a CatGenie is
like buying time.

We save all that time we
wasted on buying, changing,
cleaning, scooping, tossing
and hauling cat litter."
Martha M., California

Calls to 0844 numbers are max 3.92p per min (Inc VAT) from a BT landline (May 09)