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About CatGenie

Who invented and who makes the CatGenie?

Inspired by an idea from a relative, a rocket scientist, working with engineers, developed the self-flushing, self-washing CatGenie. PetNovations, LTD owns and manufactures the CatGenie. The self-washing concept, the unique Washable Granules, the SaniSolution Smart Cartridge, the Genie Hand, the CatGenie technology, etc are all protected by international patents.

If I use Cat Activation will it wake me in the night?

No. Cat Activation can be set to run for 14hrs, sleep for 10hrs and, if a cat has visited in the night, runs a wash cycle at the end of the 10hr sleep period. It will therefore not run at night (unless you want it to) and wake you if you sleep near the location of the CatGenie.

How does the CatGenie work?

Instead of litter, the CatGenie uses cat-comfy Washable Granules that look and feel like litter. The CatGenie requires a cold water connection, drainage, and electric power. Liquid waste drains and solids get scooped. All get liquefied for safe and easy disposal down the drain out of the home for proper water treatment. Water and the cat-safe SaniSolution wash, scrub and scour the Washable Granules and cat box interior. A built in dryer blows hot air through the Granules to dry them completely for your cat’s comfort.

Does it get rid of everything?

Yes, whether liquid, solid, or in between, the CatGenie handles it so you don’t have to. Its a cat toilet just like your own, but fully automatic. No need to even teach the cat to pull the chain! Please email us if you have or are planning to have cats under 6 months old.

Can I see a video of the CatGenie?

See How It Works Animation.

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"Buying a CatGenie is
like buying time.

We save all that time we
wasted on buying, changing,
cleaning, scooping, tossing
and hauling cat litter."
Martha M., California

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