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Will the washing scare my cat?

Cats come to realize that the cleaning is a good thing. Our animal behaviorists have told us that cats learn to associate the cleaning with a benefit. For cats that’s a clean, fresh cat area. They especially like the warmed Granules. We do recommend that during the first week, you activate the cleaning to run while your cats are sleeping.

Will my cat accept the different cat box?

Cats accept the cat-friendly shape and comfy litter Granules of the CatGenie. They use the CatGenie as they use any clean litter box.

What happens if my cat is in the box when a cleaning cycle starts?

Built-in sensors, the GenieEyes, know when a cat is using the CatGenie and Auto Set will not start until 60 seconds AFTER the cat has left. If another cat jumps in, the CatGenie waits until that cat leaves. It waits another 60 seconds before it Auto Starts. Of course you would never start the washing process when the cat is using it.

Is the SaniSolution cleaning solution safe for cats?

The SaniSolution cleaner is tested safe for cats. It has the same ingredients that veterinarians use to clean their operating and examinations areas.

Is the CatGenie safe for cats?

Absolutely. We love cats and would never do anything to harm them. Our goal is to help improve the relationship between pets and people by solving the hated litter box problem for good.

Is CatGenie safe for kittens?

Yes, but they do need to be able to get in and out of the CatGenie unaided. A few books infront of the CatGenie gives them a step up. It may be necessary to manually scoop solids until the kitten gets older as the solids may fall through the GenieHand when the kittens are young. We can provide a suitable scoop until they reach 6 months of age.

How safe are the Washable Granules? What if my cat ingests them?

The Washable Granules are a non-toxic combination of safe synthetic and natural ingredients. If swallowed, the small, smooth granules will simply pass through the digestive system.

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"Buying a CatGenie is
like buying time.

We save all that time we
wasted on buying, changing,
cleaning, scooping, tossing
and hauling cat litter."
Martha M., California

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