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Veterinarian Advice

Why should I switch to the CatGenie?

Never scoop, touch or change cat litter again. Save time not having to do a dirty job. Enjoy the only true sanitary solution to a litter box. No more saving of cat waste in a box. No more litter box odors and mess. Complete automatic cat sanitation for all cat lovers including: busy moms, working people, travelers.

What do veterinarians say about the CatGenie?

Veterinarians consider the CatGenie to be a superior alternative to both traditional and self-scooping litter boxes. Because the CatGenie is totally washed and cleaned everyday, it greatly reduces the chances of inappropriate elimination. Veterinarians point out that the dust free Washable Granules are a healthy alternative to clay and clumping litter.

The stools get flushed so how can I check for problems?

You can easily check for trouble before you push the wash button. Don’t pre set the CatGenie to start on automatic when you want to examine the feces.

Has the CatGenie been tested?

Yes. This self-flushing, self-washing concept has been tested in over 30,000 homes and many Veterinarian Clinics with about 77,000 cats using it. Users say it is a superior alternative to both traditional litter boxes, which need constant changing and automatic litter boxes that merely move the waste from the cat box to a storage box for unpleasant removal.

Are there any health benefits with the CatGenie?

With the CatGenie, you never need to come in contact with cat waste or germy, smelly litter. There’s no litter dust to breathe in. There’s no fear of catching toxoplasmosis from cat waste. For those reasons, the CatGenie is healthier and safer especially for pregnant women, patients undergoing cancer treatments, anyone with a compromised immune system, and those with allergies or asthma.

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"Buying a CatGenie is
like buying time.

We save all that time we
wasted on buying, changing,
cleaning, scooping, tossing
and hauling cat litter."
Martha M., California

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