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Machine Maintenance Sachets 

The CatGenie Machine Maintenance Sachet is an easy and convenient way to give your CatGenie four thorough deep cleans.

Each sachet is used with hot water and is added to your CatGenie 120 giving an exceptionally deep clean & descale.

Keeps your CatGenie running more efficiently.

Removes lime and grime from hard to reach parts like the Water Sensor and drain holes. Recommended to be used every 2-4 months, more frequently in a hard water area.

Just mix the contents of the sachet in a bucket and add the hot solution to the CatGenie bowl & hopper and allow to soak for 45 mins.

Please note:

The maintenance sachet soak & wash cycle takes around 65 minutes to complete and should be run on a CatGenie bowl that has no cat waste in it.

For further advice on using CatGenie in a hard water area send an email to and we can offer further tips on reducing the effect of limescale.

 Available in 4 packs only.


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